HALIGANDALAND – festival for children and their curious parents

First year of festival Haligandaland, which is author´s work of Haliganda civil association, took place in September 2010.

The aim of the project is to build up platform for creative people from Slovakia, who are dedicated to children arts and creation for children. We want to get rid production for children of misnamed for the creation of naive, simple, and marginal, which anybody can start with.

Haligandaland wants to present chidren people who produce for them on various fields of culture as an idols and also wants to introduce them as partners in the creation.

The project is the only performance of its kind in the range of few hundred kilometers.

We give alternative solutions to the parents how to build cultural awareness of their children.

Festival offers multicultural links which result in unexpected creative meetings during a two-day marathon.

We bring unusual and unique projects for children and parents from abroad.

God-father of entire project is writer Tomas Janovic.

In the area of the festival there are places like tents, wooden cabins, open playground space, archeological site and so, and which have own names in Haligandaland.

We are the only project of festival character including target group of children, parents, artists and audience.

More than 100 artists, scientists and performers annually present themselves on our festival.

It is the only media platform of professionals and non-professionals in the field of creation for children.

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