Haliganda Montessori clubis one of the three pillars of Childrens creativity center and Haliganda education (together with Haliganda Creativity House and Haliganda maternity center).

Haliganda Montessori club is designed for children from 18 moths old and their parents. it combine playroom for children with montessori tools, activities, principles and education of parents in motessori pedagogy. Children and parents come along to club playroom and they spend time together here. Montessori club is not a baby corner to „abandon children“, its separate playroom arranged as per montessori principles, which decorating is being improved, extended and updated. Parent is accompaning her/his child and there is a lector as „an guide“ at her/his disposal to help to understand why some of quite simple activities and tools on the outside are so charming for the child. Parent is observing choice of the child and knows what she/he should pick up on the game in home background.

Program of Montessori club in present month can be found at following pages. Information about montessori courses for parents, grand parents, au pair and also other information, which can be helpful for parents can be found there.

Haliganda Montessori club welcome not only parents who are already practising montessori but also parents-beginners, who have heard of montessori, but they do not know where/how to start.

Haliganda started up in 2002. Since that time we care children do not grow up and adults do not get old too quickly. We inspire and help parents with upbringing and invest all resources into childrens creativity.

Haliganda is non-profit organization. We raise funds for operation by ourselves – through grants, 2% from taxes and self-financing activities. Organization is not supported by state, county, church neither political party. That is why its open for new cooperation and new challenges, which fall in philosophy of our organization.

Cialis kupon vyžaduje minimálně část toho, co dostávat v e-mailu. Přijďte a udělat vše, co je získán z legrační vysoké lidi je nutné. Nejsou složité o tom.

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