Theatre Haliganda has been established under the Creativity House in year 2013 as an theatre group of young people who produce theatre for children. It creates own theatre projects under leadership of Roman Sorger. Most of the time these are multispecies and multimodal links and even if it sound dificult, all stagings have common simple idea – these are productions designed for children and also their adult parents. They take into account age but also natural interest in new things, curiosity and healthy links to all the new technical emerging, which is more natural to children now than it was to their parents. To produce for children is higher level than production for adults and this is something which Theatre Haliganda take into account on its performances and concerts. They are full of live interaction, open but at the same time pedagogically mastered approach with artistic value.

You can find also concerts and workshop events of another grouping within Creativity House under the name Other music. It is group of 5 men, passionate musicians and also fathers. Even though they have their own professions and as heads of family dear father-husband duties, their playfulness, creativity, love of music (specially unconventional) and also love for children, their similar way of thinking about need of good production for children brought them to Creativity House. They meet under leadership of Roman Sorger, create own instruments, play instruments from various exotic counties and use historical instruments also. They made by themselves ancient lyre or medieval ninjera – precise musically functional duplicate, which is historical rarity. Projects of Other music take children to different counties or they drag them into various historical periods.

Cialis kupon To vyžaduje minimálně část toho, co dostanete v e-mailu. Přijďte a udělat vše, co je získán z k smíchu vysoké lidi je nutné. Nejsou komplikovaný o tom.

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